Home remedies for hair growth


hair growth remedy


Home remedies for hair growth

Harboring the desire of long and thick hair is not a dire aspect, but while nurturing this yearning, the problem of thinning hair and hair fall might prove to be quite disheartening for both the sexes.

Hair loss may result from nutritional deficiency, stress, hormonal imbalance, heating paraphernalia like: tongs, framing out incorrect hairstyles, unwarranted use of chemicals, et cetera.

But now just put a halt to your anxieties as here at The Hair Lab Frisco, we are going to put before you, some of the excellent home methodologies to get those thick tresses. No more worries about side effects at all for it is all natural. If you happen to follow these methodologies sincerely at least for a period of one month then you will definitely see the change in your hair.

Naturopathy is the way towards beautiful hair

    • Regular massage and searing oil healing will do a good job as it enhances the circulation and promotes hair growth. Massage is to be carried for a period of five minutes. All you need to do is to rub your scalp with gentle motion coming from your fingers. Using the heated coconut oil will bring down the level of dandruff, that is also the prime causation factor of hair fall.
    • Rosemary has been identified as an excellent antidote for your hair. It helps in augmenting the length of your hair, makes your hair roots brawny and prevents the comeback of dandruff. It has the characteristics of antioxidant that pushes up the level of hair growth. It will open the block hair follicles.
    • Using castor oil proves to be quite helpful. It is quite moneyed in omega-9 fatty acid. In addition to it, it also encompasses vitamin E. It will add on to the moisture in your hair, prevent any sort of possible frizzes and also combats against any sort of infections that pay an onslaught on the scalp.
    • Hair is composed of keratin and protein and eggs are considered to be the outstanding source of protein. Using them, will aid you to bring about an increased length of your hair growth.

  • Now how can lemon juice lag behind? It is considered to be an extremely good source to provide nourishment to your hair. They are quite rich in Vitamin C and also encompass Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, folic acid and several other nutrients. They pledge to provide you with immensely shiny and dandruff free manes. But avoid using lemon juices in excess as it can result in loss of hair color.
  • Indian Gooseberry is also an effective way to get quality hair. If you wish to get rid of hair loss then you can amalgamate coconut oil along with Indian Gooseberry in order to enhance the hair growth. It will avoid any sort of precipitate hair graying.

Following the above mentioned steps, you can surely get those lustrous and shiny hairs. Just follow it for a month and see the magic and boast about your lovely hair before your pals!


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