About Annie Armen:

Born in New York, raised in California, Annie Armen is AnnieBiotics®,

walks the talk, and tells it like it is with all HEART AND SOUL!


Hook up with Annie Armen and find out why Annie Armen Live Talk Radio is YOUR Show, YOUR Home – YOUR Radio Voice for the Voiceless Worldwide!

Annie Armen is the sole founder and creator of AnnieBiotics® since the age of 10, and today a soulful, dynamic voice for the voiceless!  As an accomplished producer, no-nonsense motivational speaker, and leading, futuristic host (both television and radio) for over four years since November 2001, she is actively establishing a worldwide media outreach through weekly LIVE broadcasts on Annie Armen Live Talk Radio and through AnnieBiotics® Outreach Seminars, prescribing innovative “SOUL”utions to educate, empower and protect children, teens, families, victims and survivors from all walks of life against global pollutions.


Annie Armen is notably known for never giving up, always telling it like it is with heart and soul.  With Annie Armen, you are definitely NOT alone!  Divinely ordained with numerous, unique gifts and talents, her achievements best shine through her vision, her relentless action in “paying it forward with love,” and through Ms. Armen’s mission and production with her FOCUS always beingchildren and youth!

Both on the air and behind the scenes, people are:


UPLIFTED and filled with hope as they HEAR her pulsating voice when she openly speaks from the depths of her heart;


INSPIRED to take positive action with wings as they WITNESS her courageous deeds with every ground-breaking program produced, with every pioneering step she takes and walks in truth against perpetrators of global abuse, and


EMPOWERED with confidence as they EXPERIENCE her soulful and healing AnnieBiotics® “SOUL”utions of Faith, Love, Hope, Respect, Appreciation, Understanding and InterACTION as she actively transforms lives by example, sharing her heart unconditionally with people from all over the world.


Always ready to put her ‘drum’ pedal to the metal with a never ending attitude

of “SHOW MUST GO ON”, Annie Armen walks to the dominant beat of

“OUT with the Pollution, IN with the ‘SOUL’ution,” by both being a

voice for and giving a voice to the voiceless worldwide!



Imagine what powerful impact our empowering, encouraging, and inspirational words from our hearts drawn from our personal walks of life will have on our children and youth, on victims / survivors of abuse, violence and incest, on lost souls and broken spirits, and how our SELFempowering words, when expressed freely will ignite inner spirits and heartbeats, will harmonize with millions of hearts and souls worldwide, and serve as miraculous antidotes – asAnnieBiotics® throughout!

Diving into ourselves, into our hearts, into our essence, into our souls is KEY to breaking away from conformity, from past chains and personal prisons! If we are capable of falling into the abyss of depression, stress, anger, and even suicide just to name a few, then as UNIQUE beings, we are also MORE THAN capable of making constructive choices to live, create, and make a difference in our lives FIRST, and by example utilizing our past experiences as valuable tools from which we can build our present and future and prescribe AnnieBiotics to our kids.”  

Easier said than done?  Of course it is!   Is it possible?  Most Definitely!” 

Bottom line, we CAN do it and the TIME IS NOW!

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